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How to use Prayer & Affirmations

Prayers & Affirmations

Feel free to post any of your own affirmations !!!

There are specific scientificaly proven guidelines to affirmations and the mere reading of them doesn't help but try to FEEL the truth of what you are affirming to yourself and imagine it already has come to pass, even if it is not so now !

When you read an affirmation, get yourself relaxed as possible, both body and mind, and read it aloud or in your mind, imagine it and charge it with the feelings you would have as if it was true now! First believe you already have what you are praying for and then you will get it !

The best times to do an affirmation is just before you go to sleep and just after you wake up. At those times your subconscious is very open to suggestions because your mind is very relaxed and in a receptive state. Do your affirmation for about 10 - 15 minutes two or three times a day or whenever you feel to but don't overdo it and after you did your affirmation just forget about it and go on with what you were doing and have faith and trust that it will come to pass !!!
Don't bother how or in what way it will happen, just trust the Universe to make this come true.Remember we're dealing with Law here. The Laws of the Universe always work the same and we can always rely on them!

Whenever you get negative suggestions, feelings or thoughts during the day, just reject them and focus on your goal. You can write your affirmation on a little card and carry it with you wherever you go, and when you feel down, just go somewhere where you can be alone and read your affirmation a few times to keep your mind focused.

If you do this with discipline every day untill you see results, you will know that it works!

But remember !!

Focus on what you want and not on what you do not want. Choose one thing at the time and don't do to people the things you don't want them to do to you. Love is freedom and when you do things to hurt somebody it will for sure come right back at you !!


How to create Effective Affirmations

What's the Purpose of Affirmations?

Your Subconscious mind wants to give you what you want. Trouble is you have thousands of thoughts a day and most (almost 95% it is estimated) are negative or self defeating. Is it little wonder when you tell yourself 95% of the time what you don't want to be like or what you don't want to happen that we could use some direction in our sub conscious programming.Most people focus on what they don't want and don't no this will grow bigger and bigger.

What is an Affirmation?

An Affirmation is simply a statement of intent given in present time. That means you word your affirmation to reflect how you want to be as if you already are that way. Often when first using affirmations people sometimes feel this is a fake statement because they are not what they are saying they are. However since you are always telling your sub conscious mind how you want to be, (or more usually how you don't want to be - which it then creates) it makes sense to tell yourself exactly what you want and by stating it in such a way that it is already happening, your mind knows it needs to create this change NOW and not Later on.

Affirmation guidelines

1) State what you want - do not mention within the affirmation what you don't want.
E.g. "I am a non smoker" or "I am slim and beautiful" rather than "I don't want to smoke anymore" or "I shouldn't eat foods that make me fat"

2) State it in present time - Use "I am" or I do" rather than "I should" or "I want"

3) Make it a realistic statement - Use simple words that are possible e.g. "I am a super learner, I learn easily and enjoy my growth" rather than "I have an IQ of 230 and I know everything"

Go to this website if you need free affirmations or let the universe pick a affirmation card for you:

Link: []

Example given:

The Natural-Born Healer

We are all "natural-born healers" for the simple reason
that the healing presence of God is within all men,
and all of us can contact It with our thoughts and feelings. It responds to all.
This Healing Presence is in the dog, the cat, the tree, and the bird.
It is omnipresent and is the life of all things.

There is only one healing power. It is called by many names, such as God, Infinite Healing Presence, Nature, Divine Love, Divine Providence, the Miraculous Healing Power, Life, Life Principle, as well as many others. This infinite healing presence of Life, which Jesus called "Father," is the healing agent in all diseases, whether mental, emotional, or physical.

All over the world today men and women of various creeds are awakening to the tremendous therapeutic results following the application of mental and spiritual laws. In the fields of medicine, psychiatry, psychology, and other related fields, evidence is being adduced and articles written on the effect of destructive mental and emotional conflicts as the cause of all kinds of disease, This is prophetic of the termination of the power of the five senses, the reign of so-called matter, and the reestablishment of the reign of Divine Intelligence and of the Infinite Healing Presence behind all things.


Jesus said, "Thy faith hath made thee whole."

"I now decree that the Healing Power of God is transforming my whole body making me whole, pure, and perfect. I believe with a deep, inner certitude that my prayer of faith is being manifest now. I am guided by the Wisdom of God in all matters. The Love of God flows in transcendent beauty and loveli­ness into my mind and body, trans-forming, restor­ing, and energizing every atom of my being. I sense the peace that passeth understanding. God's Glory surrounds me, and I rest forever in the Everlasting Arms."

~ Dr. Joseph Murphy

Love & Light !!!

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